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  • Vaportech Slim Oil Pen - VaporTech USA
  • Vaportech Slim Oil Pen - VaporTech USA
  • Vaportech Slim Oil Pen - VaporTech USA

Vaportech Slim Oil Pen

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Vaportech Slim Oil Vape Pen

We're excited about our Slim Oil Vape Pen and you should be too!

Great functionality at low cost, this pen is great for the vaper on-the-go. Comes with the USB charger and a dab tool, and the tip of the pen is a nifty little stylus that works on any touch screen.


  • 3.7 V
  • 20080 mAh

Kit Includes:

  • Oil Atomizer
  • Micro USB Battery
  • Mouthpiece
  • USB Charger
  • Stainless Steel Dab tool

Purchase Replacement Vaportech Slim Oil Cartridge Here or glass cartridge Here

You can also check Slim Oil 2.0 here.


Loading your device: Remove the mouthpiece from the heating chamber/atomizer .Remove the stopper and fill the atomizer with your preferred oil (thick oil work better). Place stopped back on and snap the mouthpiece back into the heating chamber. Once reassembled, the device is ready for use.

Turning on/off: The device works as you inhale/take a drag, there is no on/off button. A solid white light will appear indicating that your VaportechTM SlimOil is working.

Charging: When the battery is low the battery light will start flashing. To charge, turn off your device and unscrew battery from the atomizer. Securely screw the battery into the provided USB charger. Connect the USB to a power adapter to begin charging. A white light indicates the device is charging, once the light shuts off your battery is full and ready for use.

Download VaporTech Slim-Oil™  User Manual 

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Questions & Answers

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  • What is battery size

    It is 20080 mAh.

  • Why is my charger light green?

    Red light means its charging when green light appears its fully charged.

  • So it'll work with essential oils and not damage it?

    Yes, its designed for essential oils.Also, especially for thicker oils you can use Slim Oil 2.0

  • How long does it usually take to charge?

    It takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge

  • Does the entire cartridge screw off if you use pre-loaded cartridges?

    Yes, if you are using pre-loaded cartridges first screw off the cartridge.

  • What voltage is the slim oil battery? Thank you!

    Slim Oil Battery voltage is 3.7. Thank you.

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