Vaportech Reloader Kit - Ceramic Feeder

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      Vaportech Reloader Kit Ceramic Feeder

      Vaportech Reloader Kit comes with everything you need, including a 900mAh VV Battery with magnetic attachment, a Ceramic Feeder coil and a self-clean and splash proof glass design.

      Kit Includes:
      Glass Cover
      Reloader Coil
      Stainless Steel Dab Tool
      Magnetic Ring 
      USB Charger
      Storage Jar

      Heats in under 2 seconds
      Splash Proof  /  Self-Cleaning Design
      * provides steady heat throughout for less waste and smoother dabs
      * Two layer heating structure 
      Material gently melts around 360º ceramic cylinder (layer 1) and

      atomizes when it reaches the bottom ceramic disc (layer 2)

      Variable Voltage Battery Settings:
      Green: 3.7V  Blue: 3.9V  Red: 4.2V

      For Best Results:
      Use provided dab tool to gently place material over the coil
      Do not overpack

        Purchase replacement Reloader Ceramic Feeder Attachment Here

        Purchase replacement Reloader Ceramic Feeder Replacement Coil Here

        Purchase Reloader Kit Replacement Glass Here


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