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Vapor Products For Arkansas Jail Inmates?

Posted on June 06 2018

Jails across the nation are transitioning into smoke-free zones as many other are looking into alternate ways for inmates dealing with nicotine addiction. Recently, in Arkansas a sheriffs office is asking the state to allow them to sell vapor products to inmates in their prison.

As smoking bans are becoming more common in American prisons, adding vapor products for inmates makes life easier on the prison guards and it adds another source of revenue for the prison systems.

The Benton County Sheriff's office proposed to the county's justice of peace committee to allow vapor products to be sold. The vote was 6-6, but the issue plans to be brought up again at the next meeting. If this goes through, the Sheriff's office plans to stock $2500 worth of jail-friendly vapor products for the inmates.

According to Benton County Jail, roughly 90% of the inmates smoke and are open to trying out vape related products.

We have also found out that other countries prisons have tried this strategy and has worked rather well. Isle of Man tried a similar program. Once prisoners had access to vapor products they found out that smoking related incidents decreased substantially. Prisoners were highly monitored by guards when using vapor products as it was a privilege that can be taken away from them. This as well helped some of the prisoners stop smoking all together!

Selling vapor products to inmates can have a positive impact not only on the employees and flow of the prison but yet a positive impact on the inmates too!

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